Looking for a durable, highly resilient material handling solution which isn’t going to burn your pocket? Designed for heavy-duty applications, the A-series 4-wheel electric forklift guarantees superior performance and long operating time in indoor applications such as pallet racking, outdoor yard or loading bay area.


Greater Stability, Maximum Performance

Lifting loads up to 5.0 tonnes, the A-series 4-wheel electric forklift  is designed to significantly improve driver performance. It has a shorter turning radius, providing greater manoeuvrability in confined aisles. A four-wheeled chassis gives maximum stability, ideal for heavy-duty applications, whilst excellent visibility of the fork tips at any height for safe and confident driving.


  • Fully adjustable seat offers more leg room
  • Adjustable steering column offers ergonomic work place
  • Multifunction display gives key information at a glance
  • Clear-view mast and overhead guard gives operators an excellent view of the load

The newly designed LED dashboard indicates running hours, self-diagnosis and the battery life with its Curtis AC system. What’s more, the adoption of the highly efficient AC system allows for better reliability and longer service life.

Fitted with a high frequency MOSFET controller, the robust forklift provides a more accurate control of travelling and lifting which increases driver performance. The regenerative brake is used as the motor brake so energy can be conserved and re-used, ensuring higher efficiency.

The 4.0 – 5.0t 4-wheel electric forklift has a lower battery position, providing a lower centre of gravity, which in return gives the truck better stability when in full operation.

  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • 4th hydraulics service
  • Auto filling system
  • Full range masts available
  • Solid non-marking tyre
  • Custom painting
  • UK Battery and charger
  • Handgrip and horn button
  • Side-out battery and trolley
  • Attachments
  • Cabin
  • Different fork length
  • Cold storage
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