​The A Series Counterbalance Stacker 0.8 – 2.0t is a cost-efficient stacker that combines the versatility of a counterbalance forklift with the benefits of a pedestrian stacker. Designed to stand the test of time, the rugged control handle and robust drive unit has proven reliability and lasting value.

HC-Forklift-UK’s Counterbalance Stacker can be found working in stock rooms, manufacturing floors and loading docks where durability is paramount. Performing better in tough, fast-paced environments, a built-in drive motor provides exceptional power and proven performance to handle any task. What’s more, the clever design ensures routine maintenance and repairs are quick and easy, ensuring downtime can be minimised.   

Capable of handling both single and double-sided pallets, the A-Series Counterbalance Stacker performs many of the tasks traditionally associated with a forklift truck in considerably less space and at a much lower cost.

Combining a low centre of gravity design and high strength steel frame structure chassis, it provides a higher residual load capacity. Its high tech shock absorber offers high levels of comfort which significantly reduces fatigue, resulting in longer and greater performances.

  • Duplex mast 2000 – 4500mm
  • Full free duplex mast 2000 – 3600mm
  • Triplex mast 0.8t: 3500 – 5000mm
  • Mast tilting: forward 2 degrees / Backward 6 degrees
  • Different length of fork
  • Load backrest
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