The A Series Electric Ride-on Tow tractor comes with a rugged, compact design for increased durability. With towing capacities ranging from 2-6 tones, this truck is powered by advanced AC drive control technology, providing a highly-efficient solution for transporting goods and people within large warehouses, hospitals and factories. A built-in seat helps to reduce fatigue over a long period, increasing productivity.

The driver operator position includes a large footwell enabling easy entry and exit from the vehicle, resulting in a safe and ergonomic operation. A USB mobile phone charging port is standard, providing convenience for the operator. Electronic power steering makes driving easier, resulting in greater control.

The 3-phase AC motors offers higher performance while simultaneously reducing operating costs. A combination of a low centre of gravity design, plus powerful acceleration ensures turning speeds up to 13 km/h, increasing productivity further.

  • Fully-enclosed driver’s cabin
  • Semi-closed cabin
  • Suspension seat (for seating driving type tractor)
  • Reflecting mirror
  • Alarm lamp
  • Solid tyre
  • Big capacity battery
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