​The A-series low level order picker is a real ‘workhorse’ within the warehouse. Using its 3.7m long forks, it can successfully pick up as many as three pallets weighing up to 2.5 tonnes at one time, increasing efficiencies. Despite its compact dimensions, the A-Series Low Level Order Picker boast a spacious cabin and shock absorption in the pedal greatly improves the operator’s comfort. The optimised design structure also offers excellent visibility and easy entrance of the pallet.

Used by logistics and manufacturing companies where longer distance transportations are necessary among production lines, The A-Series Low Level Order Picker is able to work at speeds up to 10km/h. Thanks to a high-quality stainless-steel skirt on the front cover, safety can be maximised, whilst the Chassis’ wedge design greatly increases the passing ability in narrow aisles. A high-quality hydraulic power unit provides low noise, low vibration, and smoother lifting.

  • Imported battery
  • Fork length: 1150/1220/2150mm
  • Outside fork width: 600/680mm
  • Charger
  • Load backrest
  • Guide roller
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