Perfectly suited for use in narrow-aisle warehouses, the high-performing A-Series Medium Level Order Picker masters all automatic storage & retrieval system picking tasks convincingly, whilst saving energy. Successfully reaching heights of up to 5 metres, combined with maximum full-load travel speeds up to 9km/h increases efficiency further. The state-of-the-art AC drive motor features excellent acceleration performance and outstanding climbing ability. Travel and lifting speeds are interlinked with lower travel speeds as the lift height increases, increasing accuracy and safety further.

Overall, the service costs are reduced significantly thanks the high-strength steel chassis and the brushless, maintenance-free AC driving motor. The meter integrating battery indicator, timer, and fault self-diagnosis is also key to reducing downtime.

  • AC driving motor
  • CURTIS controller
  • Free accelerator lever (with sensor switch)
  • Automatic deceleration at turns
  • CURTIS instrument
  • Chain switch
  • Side barriers switch
  • Rear-view mirror
  • LED lamp
  • Emergency power o‑ switch
  • Alarm light
  • Horn
  • Safety pedal
  • Tilt angle detection system
  • Side barriers
  • File folder
  • Back cushion
  • Cup holder
  • Electrostatic belt
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • Battery side roll out
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