Small in Size, Big on Performance

​The A-Series Mini Range 3-wheel Electric Forklift Truck 750 – 990kg, has been specifically engineered to work in the smallest of spaces, including narrow aisles and elevators. The compact design provides an extreme turning radius (1200mm), and offers the perfect solution for warehouse, supermarket and workshop applications. The ergonomically designed compartment provides more comfortable operation, users can read the information from the dashboard intuitively. The wide view mast provides better forward visibility, which the soft landing system decreases the noise and shock of the mast significantly.

Eye catching design with smooth lines and metal material applied to exposed parts all provide a compact construction. World renowned motor controllers, connectors, battery plug, emergency switch and electrical components are applied to ensure the reliability of the performance and provides easy service.

Rear wheel drive technology and a low positioned battery design gives perfect stability when turning corners. The AC traction motor assists the pump motor, providing right and left 90 degrees turning, making it suitable for working in a narrow channel even in an elevator.

  • 3rd hydraulic function
  • 2-4.5m duplex mast
  • Different length forks
  • Different length foldable forks
  • High performance imported battery
  • Polyurethane tyre
  • Different attachments
  • Additional weight
  • Seat with armrest
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