The state-of-the-art reach truck has been specifically designed for European multi-level warehousing; it boasts a rated load capacity of 2 tons, whilst lifting up to impressive heights of 12.5 metres. The load capacity can reach 1.1 tons at the maximum lifting height. Following several years of research and development the A Series Premium Version Reach Truck 1.2 – 2.0t was built to contend with International manufacturers including Crown, Linde and Jungheinrich – but at a fraction of the price.

Built with Market leading German Components
The drive system of the A Series Premium Reach Truck has a specialised gearbox built by market leading German manufacturer, ZF®. In addition, the Schabmuller® AC drive and steering motor delivers impressive performance. Other key components such as the electric power steering system and electromagnetic braking system are of the same configuration as all other leading material handling manufacturers. Giving you confidence that the premium reach truck will perform and after day thanks to increased reliability. All whilst saving on costs.

360 Degree Electric Steering System
Built as standard configuration, the Electric Power Steering System can be switched between 360-degree and 180-degree operations, based around operator behaviour. The upgraded EPS system avoids impact of hydraulic controls, reducing fatigue and minimal steering force. In the 360-degree steering mode, when manoeuvring exceeds 270 degrees, no reversing is required and the truck is switched to advance automatically, for higher efficiency.

  • SCHABMULLER AC traction motor
  • SCHABMULLER AC steering motor
  • HEPU AC pump motor
  • Electric Parking Brake (EPB) system
  • Load wheel adopts electromagnetic proportional braking technology
  • INMOTION control system
  • Real-time shifting between 360°steering mode and 180°steering mode
  • Electric Power Steering (EPS) system
  • GRAMMER Fingertip system
  • PU tyre
  • LED headlamp
  • Alarm lamp
  • 4 modes power selection
  • 5M full free triplex mast
  • SAUER-DANFOSS 4 spools control valve
  • Load backrest
  • PE LLD material oil tank
  • Imported lower noise gear pump
  • Energy regenerating during deceleration
  • Battery side roll-out
  • Bu‑ering on lifting limit
  • Soft landing system
  • Blue spot
  • Automatic limit on speed and accelerated
  • speed when steering
  • Lift top bu‑ering (Triplex mast)
  • Mast move forward/backward bu‑ering
  • Automatic speed reduction when the mast
  • lifting high position (Triplex mast)
  • 5.0 – 12.5M full free triplex mast is made of
  • imported steel channels
  • Camera system
  • Height level selection/ Fork height display
  • OPS system
  • Panoramic glazed overhead guard
  • Big capacity battery according DIN STD
  • Various length forks
  • Drive in rack overhead guard
  • GRAMMER MSG531 seat
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