The A series Stand-on Reach Truck is a new-generation warehouse product. Developed for a number of markets – including logistics and food manufacturing – this state-of-the-art reach truck has comfortable ergonomics, wide operating vision and a stable control system. Thanks to a lower entrance height (280mm) it provides operators with an easier and a more comfortable driving experience during long shifts.

A new design ensures the mast sways are smaller and safer. Thanks to an automatic speed control travel velocity is controlled according to the lift height, providing stability and safety. Benefit from easy access to the battery system for a quicker exchange in between shifts.

Enhanced Lift Performance
The hydraulic system has been optimised for a greater lifting performance. The lifting speed has increased by 23% without load and by 22% with full load for maximum productivity. In addition, climbing speed has increased by 48% without load, and by 15% with full load.

  • Do not require battery change for multi-shift operations
  • Works at lower temperatures
  • Superfast charging
  • Longer life – 4000 battery charging cycles
  • Capacity retention greater than 80%
  • Maintenance-free batteries


  • Headlights (LED) + turn signals (LED)
  • Shimadzu triple valves
  • AC driving (4kw) + AC lifting (9kw)
  • EPS (Electric Power Steering) system
  • Soft landing
  • Suspension control system
  • Speed control at corner
  • Mechanical brakes
  • Regenerative braking (reverse, neutral, brake)
  • Battery standard: 48V/280Ah
  • USB charge port


  • Warning lights, blue lights
  • Quadruple and quintuplet
  • Anti-rollback system
  • Fork camera
  • Altimeter
  • Password lock
  • Mirror
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Maximum capacity of the battery: 370Ah
  • Height level selection
  • Lowering lock valve
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