Driven by powerful Kubota and GCT engines, the XF Series 5.0 – 7.0 ton IC Forklift boasts exceptional strength and endurance. Drive speeds are dramatically up by 20%, whilst lift speeds have increased by 15%, thanks to a dynamic load sensing hydraulic system. With rapid acceleration and low fuel consumption, the dependable Tier V engine and tough truck components can resist wear and tear to help to minimise repair and service bills.

With productivity levels maximised, it makes the XF Series IC forklift one of the most efficient machines on a budget. Thanks to a rigid design the inside mast increased by 50mm. This combined with a high-visibility overhead guard, gives the operator excellent visibility of the load both forwards and upwards. Extra foot space is provided for longer working times.

Built for hard hitting applications

  • Brick and block
  • Empty container handling
  • Metal
  • Timber
  • Concrete, stone & clay


 HC-Forklift-UK’s Diesel and LPG engines comply with the current EU Tier V emission regulations, helping to create a cleaner working environment. With built-in market leading Tier V Kubota Diesel engines and GCT LPG engines, you benefit from greater engine power, added comfort and maximum reliability. All whilst lowering the limit of exhaust levels.

The 5-7 tonne forklift is also able to achieve a comfortable and ergonomic operation. The shock absorption, soft landing/lifting system and the suspension seat all help reduce vibration levels, resulting in a more comfortable operation which impacts on productivity.

  • Tried and tested engines – Cummins Diesel/GM 4.3 LPG
  • Transmissions: Korean MS with wet brake / Japanese Okamura with drum brake
  • 4th hydraulics service
  • Full range of masts available
  • Solid non-marking tyre
  • Cabin with heater or air conditioner
  • Custom painting
  • Rear light
  • Attachments
  • Upright exhaust system
  • Different fork length
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