Charging Ahead of the Game

The new generation XC Series Lithium-ion 4-wheel Electric Forklift combines engineering excellence with the latest lithium-ion battery technology. Covering a 2.0t – 3.5t range, the specialised structure and lightweight design provide travel speeds of up to 19km/h. In addition, the truck’s ergonomic design ensures 50% more operating space than the traditional electric truck. The 80V lithium-ion phosphate battery can be fully charged within 2 hours, whilst lasting up to four times longer than conventional batteries, ensuring greater availability.


Lithium-Ion Technology Available

Partnering up with CATL, a leading global supplier of lithium-ion battery products for electric vehicles, the XC Series 4-wheel Electric Forklift combines optimum energy with maximum performance.


  • High energy density – ensures long working times increasing truck availability
  • Long service life – 4000 full charging cycles with at least 80% residual capacity
  • Maintenance free – no topping up of water or checking acid levels
  • Fast charging – 2 hours full charge making economic use of each break
  • Cold area application – Li-Ion batteries maintain high performance at temperatures below freezing
  • 5 year or 10,000 hours guarantee on all lithium-Ion batteries

The ergonomically designed adjustable steering wheel and seat enables the operator to choose the optimum driving position. A newly designed mast increases the view by 15% helping to boost productivity further. What’s more, the enlarged brake pedal and appropriate regenerative braking function can reduce the driver’s fatigue.

The XC Series is one of the most versatile trucks in the HC-UK range. It comes with an IPX4 water resistance rating, ensuring internal components are fully protected from dust and water, making it suitable for outdoor operation.

  • Battery side roll out with slide or roller
  • Pin code or card
  • Super elastic tyre
  • Marked solid tyre
  • Left and right rear-view mirrors
  • Backup camera
  • Front/rear blue lights
  • Rear working lights
  • Charger (Titan or Schneider)
  • Cold storage truck
  • Reverse armrest
  • Hood with a key lock
  • OPS system
  • Lift bearing system
  • Multi way valves
  • Integrated fingertip control system
  • Widened / heightened load backrest
  • Widened fork carriage
  • Other length forks
  • Full free duplex mast
  • Full free triplex mast
  • Side shifter
  • Other attachments
  • Suspension seat
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